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Get in front of homeowners in your area who are actively building, remodelling and/or decorating.

Having a Trades Mate profile can help you to showcase your Business with a virtual version of it, with a welcoming and informative profile providing insight to customers into your business' values, work style and approach through photos, client reviews, descriptions etc plus you are also building your online presence.

In this electronic era, more people search online for products and services they need as opposed to searching through a hard copy.

It’s easy to sign up with Trades Mate and get your business noticed reaching an audience that is looking for your services and at the same time helping your business to have a better online presence.

 Check below the Subscription Options we have: Free and Paid Options available.

Advantages of a paid subscription

Make your listing easier to be found by upgrading it to one of our paid listings and enjoy all the benefits the website has to offer.

A paid profile on TradesMate.co.nz will help your business to have a better search engine results without the need to spend that extra money and time which are both very time consuming and expensive, leaving you with more time to do what you know best.

How to do it:

  • Register on tradesmate.co.nz

  • Write a nice and welcoming description about your business: who you are, what you offer, how long you have been doing it, the advantages of using your business and not the competition (highlighter your experience and success with other jobs done), offers benefits, add photos and a logo to give it a better visual appealing to your profile, "Show Off" your company! Those are good ideas to think and write on your profile to catch the customer’s attention and gain their trust.

  • Have your business displayed in all the correct categories, Trades Mate charge just one price for any number the categories, so have your business under all the correct ones and be seen more.

  • Keep your listing updated, seasonal changes are good to keep your profile looking good and attracting more attention and Google likes new contents.

  • Share and support it by having a link or landing page on your website to/from your TM’s profile.

  • Ask customers to review your business on tradesmate.co.nz – this will help your listing to appear first on tradesmate.co.nz and will also be more search friendly by Google.

You can also modify the content of your listing when and where you need it and the changes will be done automatically and they will be instantly visible. You are in control of what the customers can see/know about your business.

Register now and enjoy the benefits.

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