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You’re Just a Few Clicks Away From Finding House Painters in your area.

Trades Mate has a large online directory of New Zealand painters in your local area. We have a range of experienced interior and exterior painters, plasterers, rooftop painters, artists, renovation specialists and decorators.

Each company provides you with tailored advice according to your specific needs. Whether you need painting for your home or commercial premise – you can find experienced local tradesmen using our online directory.

But how do you know which painter is right for you?

Ask For Previous Samples of Work

Painting requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to adapt to different styles.

Regardless of the job you need done, it’s a good idea to see what projects they have completed for other people. This will give you an idea of their style, level of skill and competency to get the job done for you.

Any qualified painter will be happy to show you their portfolio of work. Most companies will have samples of their work online to share.

Ask For References

Any New Zealand painters you find on Trades Mate should have a history of positive feedback from previous clients. You can view their ratings and comments left behind by past clients.

If you’d like to know more about a client’s past experience, ask for references and get in touch with them. You’ll get a more detailed answer about their experience with the painter and learn whether they’re suitable for you or not.

What Services Do Painters Provide?

Painting is a broad skill that covers many areas. While some painters are highly skilled in interior and exterior painting, some may be better suited for designing feature walls and commercial shop fronts.

Below is a list of the most common services your local tradesmen will offer. This will give you a good understanding of what to expect before hiring them.

Interior Painting

Professional house painters in Auckland will perform a comprehensive colour consultation with you.

They will ask you basic questions about the area you need painted, such as: How big is the room? What is it typically used for? How much sunlight does the area receive? And what kind of mood are you hoping to achieve?

These questions will help you choose the right mix of colours to match your property. 

Your painter will take the necessary steps to protect your floor, furniture and belongings from being exposed to paint. This may include removing certain items and covering the area with white sheets.

Exterior Painting

An exterior painter will perform the same colour consultation service to understand your project needs.

They will perform a comprehensive clean of your current exterior wall. This includes removing paint, dirt, grout, cobwebs and mould. They may also strip away existing paint, which will provide a blank canvas for the new coat.

Most exterior paints are designed to be UV reflective. This prevents heat from entering your interior space and provides excellent insulation during the cold or warmer seasons.

If you own a commercial store and need to update your shop front – NZ artists and painters will be able to capture your style and vision.

Rooftop Painting

A rooftop painter will assess your roof for any signs of cracking, moulding and fading. Some providers may be able to fix or replace broken tiles too.

Much like an exterior paint job, there are a range of heat reflective colours to choose from. Your painter will advise you on the most suitable paint job for your property, depending on your location and the amount of sunlight you receive.

Any professional roof painter will apply a protective coating to protect your rooftop against cracking, fading and moulding. This will maintain the pristine quality of your investment for many years to come.


Many painters provide plastering as part of their services.

Plaster is commonly used to provide protection for interior walls. It is also used to create decorative features for walls and ceilings. Cornices are one of the more common decorations for plastering.

The plaster can also be moulded into different designs. These produce brilliant sculptures that can make an interior space really standout.

Don’t Forget to Rate Your Experience!

By giving your Wallpaper Removal tradie an honest rating on Trades Mate, you make it easier for other people to find the right service for them. Simply leave a star rating based on their level of Communication, Timeliness and Quality.

A positive rating is a great way to reward services that have been good to you. This improves their chances of receiving more clients and being able to continue doing the work they love.

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