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What You Should Know Before Speaking to a Roofing Services Provider

A well-maintained rooftop will provide you with years of comfort and enjoyment in your property. Whether you’re building for the first time, renovating, or need repairs – Trades Mate makes it easy to find the best roofing services in your local area.

Our online directory has a range of residential and commercial roofing contractors. Each provider offers services ranging from cleaning, flash repairs; installation of gutter boxes, tile and steel roofing.

Here, we will go into more detail about the kind of roofing services you can expect from your contractors.

And how to find the right contractor for you.

Rooftop Installers

The two main kinds of materials used for rooftops are tiles and steel roofing.

Each material has their own unique benefits and both come in a range of colours, styles and material types. For example, while concrete tiles are non-combustible and ideal for bushfire prone areas; steel roofing is generally more flexible and easier to maintain.

Which material you choose depends on the size and type of property, including your location and general climate. Most residential and commercial roofing contractors offer a no-obligation site inspection, who will give you professional advice to help you make the right choice.

Rooftop Sarking

Sarking is an essential protective layer for any household or commercial property. A layer of laminated aluminium foil is placed underneath the rooftop, which provides a range of benefits from:

Prevents storm water from penetrating the roof, damaging your personal goods and permanently staining the ceiling.

Prevents condensation and the risk of mould growing beneath the rooftop

Reflects solar heat to provide superior insulation. Reduces your reliance on heating and cooling appliances for a lower energy bill.

Protects the framework of your property during construction

Resistance against bush fire embers

Sarking can be installed during the construction of your property. Or part of your home repair or renovation project.

Rooftop Plumbing and Rainwater Collection

A rooftop plumber will make sure your rooftop and gutters are clean and capable of draining stormwater. For sudden leaks and emergency situations – many rooftop plumbers have flexible working hours to provide last-minute repairs.

Rooftop and Gutter Cleaning – Leaves, dirt, rubbish and foliage can block your gutter boxes and drains, which prevents the flow of water and penetrating the rooftop surface. A rooftop plumber will unblock your gutter boxes and drains to prevent blockage from occurring. They can also install gutter covers to prevent further blockage from happening again.

Replacing Tiles and Steel Roofing – If your tile or steel rooftop has developed chips, cracks or holes; your rooftop plumber can replace these sections with brand new materials.

Installing Gutter Boxes – If your property doesn’t have a gutter box, a rooftop plumber will choose the best location to install your gutter boxes. They will also install drain pipes or replace damaged drain pipes too.

How to Find Right Roofing Contractors

Make sure your contractor is fully licensed and insured to work on your commercial or residential property. It’s also good to see previous samples of their work specific to your needs.

Most roofing service providers will offer you a no-obligation quote. Be sure to ask around and request several quotes before making your decision.

Don’t Forget to Rate Your Experience

After your job is completed, leave a review and rate your Roofer based on their level of Communication, Timeliness and Quality. This helps people just like yourself find the best possible service for their needs. It also rewards the provider for doing a great job!

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