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A Quantity Surveyor in New Zealand – Cost Management Solutions For Your Construction Project

Quantity surveyors play a crucial role in overseeing the overall scope, budget and job requirements for a diverse range of building projects.

Surveyors bring a high level of financial skill, and a deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of the construction industry, to each project. Their key goal is to manage the clients overall spending and deliver accurate forecasting throughout the construction process.

Cost Evaluation and Planning

Surveyors are highly experienced in working as a team. They collaborate with builders, contractors, designers and architects to realise the clients’ vision as closely as possible – and make sure each process is carried out within the agreed budget.

Each team member is familiar with the cost of each process and develops practical solutions without overshooting the budget.

Overall, quantity surveying companies are designed to remove the risk of confusion between service providers. This keeps the planning and construction stages running smoothly and cost-efficiently.

When budgeting for a building project in New Zealand, a quantity surveyor will provide the following services for you:

·  Evaluate the cost of purchasing and ordering building materials

·  Evaluate the cost of hiring machinery and labour

·  Perform a risk analysis to anticipate any issues. And establish contingency plans for potential delays, hazards, any changes to the project or management of stakeholders.

·  Comparing prices between suppliers, contractors and more to achieve the most cost-effective results.

·  Valuating the cost of replacing lost, stolen or damaged assets

·  Preparing a Tax Depreciation Schedule for property investors

·  Assessing and negotiating tenders

Managing Cash Flow and Disputes

Throughout the construction process, a quantity surveyor will closely monitor the spending of each department from building contractors to designers, site managers and clients.

As part of their quantity surveying services, they also play an important role in resolving disputes between clients, contractors, designers and builders.

Surveyors have a deep understanding of the costs involved in every aspect of the process. This means they can offer cost-effective solutions to overcome a number of issues, which are backed by reasonable estimations that are in-line with the overall budget.

When the project comes to a close – the surveyor submits a financial document that outlines the entire results of the project itself. This gives the clients and stakeholders all the information they need to assess the outcome of their spending.

How to Hire a Quantity Surveyor

Quantity surveyors are part of a highly regulated industry. Make sure your surveyor is certified by the New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS). In order to provide you with a Tax Depreciation Schedule, they must also be a registered tax agent.

Read comments and ratings from past clients and if desired, you may seek more detailed testimonials from previous clients.

Most surveyors will be happy to offer you an obligation-free visit or quote.

Don’t Forget to Rate Your Experience

Once your quantity surveyor has completed the job, leave them a comment and rate their level of Communication, Timeliness and Quality.

Your feedback will help others find the best surveyor in their community. Plus, you reward good service providers with more exposure and the chance to receive more work.

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