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Are Your Garden Landscaping Ideas Falling Short?

Trades Mate connects you with professional gardeners and landscapers in mere seconds.

Our online directory features a range of local tradesmen experienced in garden maintenance services and landscaping. Some of the many services you’ll find include:

· Garden Maintenance

· Weeding

· Pruning and Trimming

· Lawn Mowing

· Fertilising

· Slashing

· Landscaping Design

· Decking

· Water Features

· Retaining Walls

· Pathways

· Garden Beds

· Entertainment Areas

· Patios

· Fencing

Each company will have a list of services for you to look at. So you can quickly find the right business for you.

You can also learn about what other people think of their services. Each company page has a star-rating based on their level of Communication, Timeliness and Overall Quality.

Read each comment to see how satisfied previous customers were with their service too.

How to Hire a Gardener or Landscaper

Always make sure your service provider has Public Liability Insurance and is fully qualified.

Ask to see previous samples of their work. Most companies will have a portfolio you can view online and be happy to explain the process behind their previous projects.

Ask for references you can contact. Most past customers will be happy to share their experience with you and reveal any shortcomings about their services.

Request a free quote over the phone or online or request a consultation session. Unless otherwise stated, any consultation session you arrange should be obligation and free of charge.

Gardening Services

A gardener will help you maintain the quality of your garden in a variety of ways. The most common services you’ll find include:

Weeding – Weeds are a natural nuisance that can affect the sustainability of your garden. They suck up nutrients meant for other plants, block sunlight and even strangle certain foliage. A professional gardener will make sure your weeds are promptly removed and treated to prevent them from coming back.

Pruning and Trimming – Pruning and trimming prevents plants from overgrowing. And it can help your plants grow in certain shape or forms that may be desirable. It also removes the presence of dead or diseased plants from the garden.

Lawn Mowing – A regularly mowed lawn keeps your house looking neat and tidy all year round. This service is particularly ideal if you have a large yard and want to avoid mowing it yourself.

Fertilising – A professional gardener will know what kind of fertiliser to use for the right situation. A freshly fertilised garden will produce much greener and stronger plants. This will make them more resistant to disease and the threat of drought.

Landscaping Services

Whether you’re building your first home or renovating – a professional landscaper will realise your garden landscaping ideas.

They will talk to you about the kind of front yard or backyard landscape design you wish to have. Are you planning on entertaining guests? Do you want somewhere private to relax? How much maintenance are you willing to provide for your garden?

Every aspect of your residential landscape design is planned in advance.

Your landscaper will specialise in a range of tasks, including:

· Creating a floor plan to match the size and layout of your property

· Choosing the right plants, grass and foliage to suit your environment and aesthetic preferences.

· Overseeing the hiring of contractors, resourcing materials, budgeting, hiring equipment and meeting your deadline.

· Constructing original decking, entertainment areas, water features, awnings, fencing, retaining walls and pathways.

Don’t Forget to Rate Your Experience!

By giving your Landscaper Project Manager an honest rating on Trades Mate, you make it easier for other people to find the right service for them. Simply leave a star rating based on their level of Communication, Timeliness and Quality.

A positive rating is a great way to reward services that have been good to you. This improves their chances of receiving more clients and being able to continue doing the work they love.

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