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Turn Your Kitchen Renovation Ideas into a Reality

With just a few clicks, you can instantly connect with a specialist who understands your kitchen renovation ideas.

Trades Mate has a large range of kitchen renovation experts. From planning and design, to installation, building and construction – they can completely reinvent your kitchen.

With a new kitchen, you can turn cooking into a more fun and relaxing activity. Whether you want to:

· Give yourself more room to prepare your favourite meals

· Update your old cabinets into stunning, modern kitchen cabinets

· Have more cabinet space for storing dishes, cutlery, trays, pots and pans

· Give your kitchen a contemporary makeover with new colours, benches and cabinet styles

· Completely redesign your kitchen layout

An experienced kitchen renovator will help you realise your vision.

The Planning Process

Your designer will help you make choices that reflect your lifestyle needs. They will listen to your kitchen design ideas and incorporate them into the final plan.

But how will you use your kitchen?

Firstly, it’s important to understand what you’ll be using your kitchen for. Will you mainly be cooking for your family? Or entertaining guests? These choices will influence the final design of your kitchen.

For example, a kitchen used for entertaining may have a benchtop situated in the centre, with a stovetop facing towards the dining area. This allows you to interact with guests and prepare meals at the same time.

Your designer will also take into account many other aspects, including:

Personal Space – There should be enough space for you to navigate and carry heavy dishes without the risk of colliding into other people. Being able to comfortably open and close cabinets is also very important.

Natural Lighting – The location of windows can greatly influence how much light your kitchen receives during the day. There should be plenty of natural lighting directed towards the main working areas and the sink.

Your kitchen specialist may suggest installing skylights into your ceiling too.

Benchtop Materials – The most common benchtop materials include granite, marble, timber, limestone and stainless steel. Your kitchen renovator will explain the benefits of each material and help you make the right choice.

Floor Materials – If you’re replacing your kitchen tiles or floorboards, a kitchen renovation expert will offer you many colours and styles to choose from.

Building and Construction

Depending on the complexity of your job, renovating your kitchen could take several days or weeks to complete.

Your kitchen specialist should cover everything from:

· Removing existing infrastructure from the premise

· Building custom kitchen cabinets

· Installing new cabinets, benchtops, appliances, tile flooring or floorboards

· Painting your interior walls (if needed)

· Arranging the installation of water, gas and electricity

· Any maintenance work they may be needed

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