How it Works

Trades Mate, the best and easiest way to find trades professionals for all your job requirements.


Registering at Trades Mate is easy and FREE. You will get all the benefits that the website has to offer you.

At Trades Mate, you can browse our directory where you can get the best information to select the right professional tradies for all your needs.

You can also use the Get a Quote tool with your contact details and job information, requesting up to 5 replies from keen professionals tradies, establish contact, get their quotes and decide what’s best for you. Once the job is done, share your experience by rating the service.

Trades Mate, connecting trades to people.


Trades Mate, the best and easiest way to find customers and market your business.

Registering at Trades Mate is easy and your business will get all the benefits that the website has to offer.

At Trades Mate, your business will be displayed in the directory under your chosen region and category(s).

Your business will also receive job leads from customers through the Get a Quote form. You will receive notifications and emails to remind you of the jobs that you can apply for. You can also view them by going to Jobs List. You might apply for open jobs within your region and selected category(s).

You will also have the option to place jobs using the website “Get a Quote” form.

Customers can view your company information and are also able to contact you through the website.

By registering your business you will also get access to your dashboard where you can manage the information that you want to be displayed.

Register now and subscribe to one of our plans (check them here):

Free Basic Plan for any number of categories and basic options

Monthly payment of $39.00 + GST for any number of categories (Full Plan)

Yearly payment of $390.00 + GST for any number of categories (Full Plan)

Or just `Pay as you Use´ for  just $15 +GST per lead.

Trades Mate, connecting trades to people.


To get quotes you must be registered as a householder or as a trade professional.

Householders may use this form to send notifications to Professional Tradies to request a job. To do so you will need to complete the information asked on the form including your contact information which will be passed on to the Professional Tradies to contact you. You must agree to pass your contact information (at least your email address) to the Professional Tradies to contact you regarding the posted job. You can choose to receive up to 5 replies from keen Professional Tradies in your area. We will only pass your contact information to those that have accepted your job request. You will receive a list with the information and contact details of each (if any) Professional Tradies that have applied for your job.

Professional tradies can also use this tool to find other trade(s) for personal jobs or to help find other trade(s) willing to work in with you in any job.

An “Urgent Job” option is available to help Professional Tradies identify the jobs that require immediate assistance. This option will be shown in the details of the posted job (if selected). 


The Tradies Directory is a tool that contains the available categories with the Professional Tradies Business information filtered by categories and locations.

You may select business(es) and invite them to apply for already posted job(s), send messages through the website “Send Message” form, read all the info provided about the business and also view the ratings and related comments.


The Feedback tool is provided for the purpose of helping the Professional Tradies/Companies to improve their services/products and help others make a more informed decision about the specific Professional Tradie, service/product offered.

Feedback must not contain offensive, defamatory, retaliatory, inappropriate language or content as we may remove any feedback that we consider to be offensive, defamatory, retaliatory or inappropriate.

You may only give feedback that relates to a specific transaction. You must not post feedback on a transaction that does not relate to that specific transaction and also not post feedback about yourself or include any contact details or personal information in it.