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What does a Concreter do?

Concreters mix, lay, spread, compact and finish concrete for building and construction work. They mix cement with other materials such as gravel, sand and water, and pour the concrete, usually over steel reinforcement, moving it into position using a pump. They also prepare and move boxing, or formwork, so that it contains the concrete in the right shape and dimensions. Once the concrete has been poured, concreters level the concrete, clean and seal it. They might also create decorative surfaces on the concrete prior to cleaning and sealing. They may also spray concrete onto retaining walls, swimming pools or other surfaces that require rendering.

Concreters usually work outdoors on building and construction sites as well as infrastructure such as bridges and roads. Conditions can be dirty and noisy, and they may have to work at heights or underground, depending on the nature of the work. They are often required to spend large amounts of time on their feet, and their work often involves heavy lifting and other manual labour. They usually work regular hours; however in hot weather they may begin earlier in the day to avoid the heat. In winter they may need to begin later as early morning frost makes concreting difficult.

Concreters need to be familiar with the various types of concrete, as well as the materials that go into its making. They use concrete mixers as well as hand and power tools such as shovels, edging tools, concrete vibrators and trowels. They use wheelbarrows and boxing (formwork), as well as concrete pumps. They drive large vehicles that may be fitted with industrial cement mixers, or pump trucks. They are usually required to wear protective clothing such as steel-capped gumboots and gloves.

A concreter needs:

· practical and manual skills

· physical fitness and stamina

· problem solving skills

· to enjoy working outdoors

· basic maths skills

· to be safety conscious and accurate in their work.

This is some of the work that a concreter do:

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