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Curtains and blinds. They're found in nearly every home around the country, but how much do you know about their illustrious past? From heavy draperies in stately colonial homes to the humble Roman blinds, we're uncovering some facts about window coverings to help you appreciate their design.

A bit of curtains history:

While the earliest examples of curtains existed as room dividers and door hangings, the window hangings as we might recognise them today only began to gain popularity in Britain's more affluent households during the 17th century. While timber shutters were used for privacy, cloth curtains would sometimes be hung across the recesses to prevent the cold from getting in. 

By the 18th century, a wider array of curtain fabrics were available such as silks and taffeta, velvet and tapestry. However, it wasn't until the Industrial Revolution that the history of curtains began to change. New machinery resulted in fabrics that were cheaper and easier to make, meaning curtains became more accessible to the general public.

Roller Blinds - Roller blinds can be layered with curtains or hung on their own. There is some variety, including sunscreen, for sun filtering and privacy, and blockout, to keep the light out. It can also be custom make your roller blinds, in a wide range of colours and fabrics to perfectly fit your windows.

Roman Blinds – Ready made roman blinds are made of plain fabrics and are controlled by a chain at one end of the blind. Roman blinds can be folded up neatly during the day and pulled down to cover the entire window at night. Custom made roman blinds can be made using the same fabric as custom made curtains or cushions offering great design coordination and functions such as blocking out light and offering thermal properties.

Venetian Blinds - Popular in New Zealand villas and bungalows, venetian blinds are among the most traditional type of blinds. You are able to tilt the horizontal slats for optimal light and temperature control as well as adding to your privacy. Some types of Venetian blinds including wooden, faux wood and aluminium. 

Vertical Blinds – As suggested by their name,vertical blinds offer vertical slats rather than horizontal. Drawing to the side, vertical blinds are less likely to collect dust and very easy to operate. Vertical blinds come in a range of colours, textures and fabric types and are a great option for covering large windows and ranch sliders.

To install any of the curtains or blinds you can get a tradie to give you hand  to install it or to repair you curtains or blinds. 

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