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Architects design a range of structures, including houses, apartment buildings, schools, libraries and commercial buildings. Some architects are generalists, working across a range of projects of different types and scales, while others are specialists, designing for healthcare, education or the workplace. Some architects specialise in heritage, others undertake work in the public realm, designing bridges or public transport networks and shared open spaces. No matter where or what they work on, architects are concerned with the ways buildings integrate with the environment within

In New Zealand, an architect’s professional status is protected by the New Zealand Registered Architects Board. Only registered professionals can call themselves architects. Registration is earned through a combination of academic qualifications, significant practical experience and examination. 

The majority of New Zealand architects are members of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA), a professional body which supports its members and promotes outstanding practice in architecture. NZIA architects have access to ongoing professional development and training opportunities and support in policy developments and practice issues.

When selecting an architect you should allow plenty of time for research so that the architect you choose has a design approach and practice philosophy that suits you. Personal recommendations are invaluable when choosing an architect. If your friends have used one, talk to them about their experiences. Their insights into the design and build process could help you plan your project.

Architects are responsible for building design but are often involved throughout the duration of the project, handling project management and administration right through to interior or landscape design, defect checks and handover.

At the start of any project, before any drawings or specifications are prepared, you and your architect will define, in writing, the exact nature of the architect’s involvement. Your architect will outline the services they offer and seek an indication of how you want to engage them. Once you have decided, you will sign an Agreement for Architect’s Services that will outline the scope of work and services, how fees and costs are charged and any special considerations.

To ensure this understanding, your architect will prepare an Agreement for Architects Services – the standard contract between you and your architect for residential works. It will outline the scope of work, the scope of services, how fees and costs will be charged and any special conditions of service. There are a number of other contracts available for commercial architecture projects.

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