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Need to Find a Reputable Plumber in your area?

Trades Mate connects you with the most reputable and trustworthy plumbers in New Zealand. Our online directory lets you easily find the best plumbing companies in your local area.

From blocked drains to gas fittings, roof plumbing and renovations – you can find the right service using our simple online directory.

Take a look at each company’s page to view their services. You can also look at star ratings and comments left behind by previous customers.

What Should I Expect From My Local Plumber?

All plumbing companies should be licensed and registered with the Plumbers Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board.

Before hiring a plumber, make sure they’re qualified to perform the exact task you need completed too.

It is important to never attempt doing any plumbing installations or maintenance yourself. Doing so may leave your property at risk of being damaged. And leaving your family or staff exposed to the risk of disease or illnesses.

Always rely on a professional service to maintain and install your plumbing utilities.

Plumbing Services

Blocked Drains – While there are many DIY products available at your local supermarket – not all blocked drains can be fixed that easily.

A drain can become blocked due to tree roots, discarded oils, fat, hair, grease and other kinds of litter.

Depending on the material blocking your drain, unless you hire a professional plumbing repair service – it’s nearly impossible to know if you’ve fixed the problem properly or not.

Your drain cleaner company may use a diagnostic camera to locate and isolate the problem. From there, they may use special tools to remove the material or replace the pipes with brand new ones.

Professional plumbing companies are far more likely to bring you long-term relief from blocked drains. And they prevent the problem from coming back again.

Gas Fittings – Gasfitters perform installations and repairs for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes. Whether you need help with your gas cooking appliances, hot water system or heating utilities – they’ll make sure your gas fittings are working properly and safe to use.

Other services they may provide include installing gas regulators, meters, valves and burners.

Roof Plumbing – Many plumbers specialise in rooftop plumbing. A well-maintained rooftop will effortlessly dispose of stormwater in a conveniently located drainage pipe or rainwater tank.

Your local plumber will remove the risk of leakage and water damage caused by stormwater. This may include replacing your tiles with brand new ones, installing gutter guards, fascia covers and box gutters.

New Building and Renovation Plumbing – Whether you’re updating your current property or building a new one – your plumber should be qualified to handle these large-scale projects. They’ll work closely with property developers and construction workers to establish a plumbing system that suits your property size, design and lifestyle needs.

Rainwater Tanks – Rainwater that’s been collected into a tank can be re-used for many purposes.

Some examples include watering plants, showering or bathing, toilet flushing and washing clothes. An experienced plumber can integrate a tank into your existing plumbing and install a water filtration system too.

Don’t Forget to Rate Your Experience!

By giving your plumber an honest rating on Trades Mate, you make it easier for other people to find the right service for them. Simply leave a star rating based on their level of Communication, Timeliness and Quality.

A positive rating is a great way to reward services that have been good to you. This improves their chances of receiving more clients and being able to continue doing the work they love.

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